Threads are connecting the world.

Threads of our products connecting people, emotions different world views. Our lable Nyuzi Blackwhite stands for multifunctional, upcycling products with a special story behind. "Nyuzi" means threads in Kisuaheli. Every product tells its own story and is therefore unique.
 In a social project in kenya we turn old cement sacks into wonderful, ultralight, durable and mulifunctional bags and accessoires. We would like to give waste a new face and we would like to work against our usual shopping habitats. Cementsacks are made out of Prolypropylen sacks - a kind of a plastic material. Normally used cement sacks are burned on construction sides or they are just dammed in the river sides. We collect them, clean them and we make out of them unique bags and accessoires.

The unique products are made under fair conditions by young people in kenya. 


Every tailor is signing his product with a "made by... " lable. Trough a unique upcycling accessoire we want to connect different people and worlds. We want to give each one a new view of the world, people and products. We want to connect people through our products. 

nyuzis workshop

Our workshop enable young people selfhelp trough a fair working place. The Workshop is based in a social project in kenya which is located close to Nairobi. To the project belongs a children home with a primary and vocational school. Our Nyuzi workshop is attatched to the vocational school. It should create job opportunities for the eximinated students and motivate more young people to decide for a vocational training. These jobs, they are a warranty for the school leavers of the vocational college to work in their trained job and are therefore able to earn their own living. 

Each of our products includes a special perenctage which is supporting the whole project. Addtionally to this our regular orders for the Nyuzi Blackwhite workshop create a good buisness for the project, which makes them to be a more indepentent from.Every product is made by one of our tailors from the beginning up to the end.  It helps each one of our teammembers to learn every day something new and to continue with their tailoring education. We go away from the massproduction. We want to teach young woman and men which great products they can create our of waste on their own and how they can solve with it environmentally problems and how they can use it in the same time to create money for their own live.

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we offer visits in schools and institutions to tell you more about our projects.
Also we offer visits in kenya to our production site and to see the whole project.

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With pleasure we will take exceptional makings in a bigger number of pieces or special pieces - we will include your brand label. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are very pleased about your welfare.