– Zusammen werden wir mehr erreichen als allein….. Wir bieten  weitere fairtrade Produkte von Freunden aus Afrika an. Sie sind einzigartig, fair, erzählen weitere Geschichten über Ostaftrika und sind „made in east africa“.


The manufacturing of all Kipepeo products, starting from the cultivation of organic cotton to the finished garment, takes place locally in Tanzania and Kenya.The designs we print on Kipepeo products are drawn by pupils during regular school lessons such as natural history in schools in Tanzania and Kenya. Martin and Goodluck explain how the idea of Kipepeo Clothing came about and how the designs are created today. 


is a german-tansanian brand. they combine afrikan kitenge materials with mordern looks.  

Our mission is more important than our fashion label itself! We want ethical and sustainable fashion from Africa for all of you!

Wherever we see a step towards this goal, we are filled with happiness. 
Jan and Tino founded their lable after a volunteering service in tansania to support the locals. 

provisions ke

Provisions was founded by sisters Nancy and Susie Kinyanjui, who are based in Nairobi and share a passion for natural and useful finds.

The team at Provisions is excited to offer artisan products sourced and created in Kenya. With a focus on family and building community, we believe that the best products are home grown.


Mogoo creates upcycling furnitures out of old oil drums in burikina faso.  Living with style and good conscience - sustainable fairtrade accessoires for your home. Mogoo creates fair employment and job oppertunities for young people in burkina faso.