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karai childrens vocational center

The project – Karai Childrens Vocational Centre consists of a children’s home for orphans and street children. It have an elemtary school as well as a vocational college. Karai offers the children a loving care home and make education on the school possible. At present the project cares for 120 children aged 4 – 20. The children vocational college offers a handcraft trainee in carpenters, electricians, hairdresser and tailors for institution Childs and surrounding children.The -   Keniahilfe Schwäbische Alb – benefits these project.

takataka e.v.

New founded project from Sarah Ambani and her Friends and Family. 
Recycling Center in Lussigetti which takes different kids of rubbish and waste. Waste can be dropped sorted, cleaned and can be exchanged against food packages, washable diapers, washable napkis, recycling products or training options. Everybody who drops rubbish can decide on his/her for what he/she would like to collect points. For each Product or Training you need a different amount of points. From 600 points and above people are qualified for our partnership programm to start their own small buiness - with green steps in a new future