meet our team....

caroline nyambura

  • heart of the team
  • first teammember
  • grown up in the childrenshom KCVC
  • finished her appreticeship in august 2016
  • responsible for cutting an productionplanning


  • our fastest sewer
  • exact and quality expert
  • responsible for new workers
  • our newspaper from the villiage ;-)

virginiah nyakairo

  • she wants to learn everyday something new
  • finished her training in the attached voc. school
  • responsible for renewing patterns and to sew the prototypes


  • our fastest sewer
  • finished her training in the voc. school in 2017 
  • came after an attachment to nyuzi
  • raises all important topics for the team

josephine ndenge

  • our mama
  • qualitycontroller and production assistance
  • introduces new products and takes care of the quality
  • has to most exeperience and is our solutionfinder

beatrice wanjiru

  • our most punctual tailor
  • always quite andd very responsible
  • finished her training in 2019 and started with a small attachment in the nyuzi workshop
  • in 2020 she started to work fulltime with us 


  • our founder of Nyuzi
  • tailor and fashion developer 
  • first volunteer stay in kenya September 2016 
  • founded nyuz in 2017 and builded up the workshop 
  • regulary long term vists in kenya


  • our kreativ assistance in germany
  • responsible for all tasks where we need help
  • social media, selling, and packing our products for delivery


"I like this workshop becaus it has lead to conversations about the environment. We are renewing waste materials in useful products. We make people to speak about it."


"Acutally i was the first one. i feel so much impressed that i joined Sarah and what we raised together. My life has improved a lot in terms of financal issues and experiences."


"Thanks a lot for this Nyuzi Blackwhite workshop. Its of great importance to me."  


"I am greatful to be part of this team, it has changed my life. I have upgraded in getting creativity, ideas and a lot of experiences. I can use what i learned in my dressmaking course."


"I feel so encouraged because of the germans who come in our lives and try to help us on our ways in the future. Thanks a lot for your creativity and ideas. Starting this Nyuzi Workshop has created job oppertunities to many youth already and has also improved cooperations and interactions between our members national and international."


"After i had finished my school i found a space in the workshop Nyuzi Blackwhite. It has been of great importance to me. My life is not the same anymore. I have gained a lot of expereiences and new ideas. My expection is in some years to come that our company will grow big and many youths in kenya will get jobs and improving with this the living standarts."